Specialized Monitoring Services

Including Evidence-Based, Recidivism-Reducing Lifeskills Workbooks and More!

For Individuals

Our specialized, home-study courses require orientation, completion of the home study workbook, returning the completed workbook to our staff for review, and achieving a passing score on the final exam. These courses are excellent for initial probation sentences, pre-trial, revocation, and bond supervision cases. The following courses are available:

substance-abuse SUBSTANCE ABUSE:
The Substance Abuse Lifeskills Course is for individuals with substance abuse problems. Cognitive restructuring by its very nature can work at any level of addiction, either as prevention or rehab. This is a unique cognitive restructuring workbook written in story format. ~ Marijuana/ drugs ~ DUI ~ Possession ~ Drug paraphernalia ~ Extremely effective for teens considering or experimenting with drugs and/or alcohol.
This workbook can be used for home study as well as groups. It is good for juveniles as well as adults. It is a time-tested workbook that focuses on the crime of theft and shoplifting. It discusses the losses to retail merchants and the effect on communities. Like all ACCI workbooks, it focuses on the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and attitudes associated with shoplifting and other forms of theft.
Theft intervention home study workbook
driver-responsibility DRIVER RESPONSIBILITY:
This program is unique in that it is the first to blend cognitive restructuring with traditional traffic curriculum. It is designed for all drivers (including teens) who have exhibited a lack of proper values, attitude, and behavior and is especially effective on repeat offenders. ~ Driving without license ~ Reckless driving ~ Multiple tickets ~ Aggressive driving ~ Driving without insurance ~ Speeding ~ Irresponsibility ~ Anger management ~ Cell phone ~ Texting.
The Bad Check workbook has a long history of effectiveness with bad check writers. The bad check workbook does not focus on balancing a checkbook, but the crime and consequences of writing a bad check. It can be used either as home study or group.
bad-check-intervention course
anger-management-course ANGER MANAGEMENT:
This course is not your ordinary anger management workbook. It focuses on faulty thinking, self-deception, justification and resistant behavior. It teaches anger avoidance and uses cognitive restructuring to intervene at the deepest level where permanent change can take place. ~ Domestic Violence ~ Hostility ~ Anxiety /stress ~ Divorce ~ Self-deception ~ Rage ~ Assault ~ Resistant behavior ~ Justification ~ Impulse control.
This course was specifically written as a responsibility course for non-compliant offenders. This best practice, evidence-based workbook was designed to help courts with offenders who are in violation of technical conditions of probation. ~ Laws ~ Justification ~ Responsibility ~ False perceptions ~ Debt/ finances ~ Anxiety/ fear/ worry ~ Denial ~ Anger avoidance ~ Addictions ~ Cost of crime .
This course is ideal for those couples struggling to resolve their differences to the point where law enforcement becomes involved and criminal charges are made. The curriculum is based on evidence-based cognitive restructuring models which have proven to help individuals over-come negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. ~ Anger management ~ Self betrayal ~ Self-deception ~ Cognitive Awareness ~ Faulty thinking ~ Collusion ~ Self-justification ~ Parenting ~ Children ~ Divorce.
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