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Robin_Thomas-146456Robin Coile is a former Probation Officer with the Georgia Department of Corrections. Coile received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice from Piedmont College in Demorest, Georgia in 1982.

Afterwards he began his career as a Correctional Officer at Georgia Industrial Institute Prison in Alto Georgia. Approximately two years later he was promoted to the position of Probation Officer I. During his career he was promoted to Probation Officer II, Probation Officer III Office Manager and Field Services Specialist.

Coile developed one of the first specialized caseloads, and authored a successful grant for the program entitled “Narcotics Intervention Probation Supervision” in the Alcovy Judicial Circuit. This program contained elements of enhanced supervision techniques with a substance abuse treatment component. Coile also faithfully served recovery efforts during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath in New Orleans, Louisiana.

During his professional endeavors, Coile served for seven consecutive years on the Executive Board of the Georgia Probation Association including as President of this professional organization. Coile also served as an adjunct POST Instructor for the Probation Division.

After his retirement in 2010 Coile recognized a need for programming that could be executed without costs to taxpayers and affordable for offenders. After researching some evidence-based results of the cognitive home study programs from ACCI, he began to embrace this concept. Coile recognized the importance of material that could allow the offender to confront their own critical thinking errors along with encouraging solutions for improvement in these life skills categories.

The ACCI courses are especially effective and can be successfully implemented without transportation costs, or loss of employment time for supervised offenders. Today Coile is pleased that courts are embracing the home study approach which provide offenders an affordable opportunity to address their personal crimonogenic needs while reducing recidivism.

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